The goal of the DPI VISTA Project is to build capacity for family involvement in low-income schools and communities by implementing a research-based, sustainable process for partnerships.

The project coordinators envisage positive effects for the whole community, such as:

For Students

  • Increased enrollment in more challenging academic programs
  • More classes passed
  • Better attendance, better social skills

For Families

  • More support from school and other parents
  • Increased feeling of ownership of school
  • Improved awareness of student progress

For Teachers and Staff

  • More respect for families' strengths and efforts
  • Heightened readiness to involve families in new ways
  • Increased satisfaction with family involvement and support

The DPI VISTA Project provides eligible schools and community organizations with three valuable resources:

  • Full-time VISTA member (For up to 3 years to develop and sustain partnership practices)
  • Trainings (On developing and creating a framework for effective partnership practices)
  • Connections and Resources (From the DPI and from a network of hundreds of other Partnership Schools)

The DPI supports up to twenty VISTA members per year throughout Wisconsin at schools and community based organizations who serve a high proportion of low-income students. Those interested in hosting or serving as VISTA members at these sites are encouraged to apply.

What is Our DPI VISTA Project All About?

What is AmeriCorps*VISTA?

What are the benefits of the program?

DPI VISTA Project Description


How to Apply

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Information for persons who are interested in serving in a low-income school or learning center as a VISTA member, and would like to find out more about applying.


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