Rural Education Initiative Addresses Rural School Needs

Title VI - Part B: Section 6201

The Rural Education Initiative helps meet the unique needs of rural schools. This initiative consists of two programs: Title VI-B, Subpart 1, Small, Rural School Achievement Program and Title VI-B, Subpart 2, Rural and Low-Income School Program. Program descriptions and lists of eligible schools for each program are provided in links from the DPI website. If you have questions or would like additional information for either program, please email Steve Kretzmann or call him at 608-267-9278.

Title VI — Part B, Subpart 1; Small, Rural School Achievement Program; Section 6211

Title VI — Part B, Subpart 2; Rural and Low-Income School Program; Section 6221

For questions about this information, contact Stephen Kretzmann (608) 267-9278