The Partnership Action Team

An On-line Toolkit for Schools

Welcome Message from Tony Evers

Schools with an Action Team for Partnerships have a powerful mechanism for making family-school-community partnerships work. Action Teams are an organized way for schools to involve more families in many ways in children's learning and in school goals.

The Action Team's primary purpose is to involve families and the community in helping children become successful learners. The team also provides vital support to help the school reach its goals for students and for the learning environment.

Finally, the Action Team is about partnerships, collaboration and action-- taking deliberate, thoughtful steps that engage every family in children's learning. It will help your school, along with families and community members, form and sustain an Action Team.

The following 11 questions about the Partnership Action Team are designed to be addressed one or two at a time by your school or district team. Each question features resources for teams to watch or listen to, to read, to explore, and to discuss together, that will help your school or district launch or strengthen a Partnership Action Team. These webpages are based on the research of Joyce Epstein, director of the National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University, and that of other sources.

  1. Why is it helpful for schools to form an Action Team for Partnerships?
  2. How does an Action Team help a school strengthen and sustain partnerships with families?
  3. How can the Action Team help children do better in school?
  4. How can an Action Team help the school welcome families and develop trust and positive relationships with families?
  5. What are the Six Types of Partnerships that Action Teams use?
  6. Who should be on the Partnership Action Team?
  7. How does a SCHOOL organize an Action Team?
  8. How does a school DISTRICT organize an Action Team for Partnerships?
  9. What do parents contribute to the Action Team?
  10. What does the Action Team do?
  11. How can the Action Team evaluate its efforts?
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