Service for Learning and Life Statewide Initiative

DPI AmeriCorps Program Description: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has received an AmeriCorps grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service through the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board to place approximately 25 AmeriCorps members around the state to coordinate resources and expertise, tutor children, recruit tutors, and coordinate high-quality service-learning and community service projects. Sites include school districts, individual schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Special Olympics agencies, and other non-profit organizations. Each host site recruits its AmeriCorps member and is responsible for day-to-day supervision of its AmeriCorps member's activities. Full time members are expected to serve a total of 1700 hours and part-time members are expected to serve 900 hours during a ten-month period.

Who is Eligible to Apply? School districts, individual schools, and non-profit organizations involved with literacy and service-learning activities may act as host sites for this AmeriCorps program.

Amount of Funds Available: This program does not distribute funds directly to the host sites. Instead, the program pays for approximately 70% of a living allowance for AmeriCorps members and provides support for training, travel, and miscellaneous other expenses incurred by the AmeriCorps members and their host-site supervisors. The host site must pay approximately 35% of the living allowance and other member support costs--$5,000 for full-time members and $2500 for half-time members. Each AmeriCorps member is hired by the host site. Upon successful completion of service, full-time members will receive an education award with a value of $5,550; part-time members will receive a $2,775 education award. The education award can be used to pay off qualified student loans or to pay for post-secondary education. Basic single health insurance and means-tested child-care reimbursements are available for full-time members. Members are also eligible for forbearance of any qualified student loan during the term of service.


Current News

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The DPI AmeriCorps program, 'Service for Learning and Life," is a state-wide program focusing on tutoring, mentoring, volunteer recruitment and management, and community service.

Read more about our AmeriCorps program, including a list of all sites and members on the DPI AmeriCorps Google Site.


For more information contact Steve Kretzmann, Service for Learning and Life Program Coordinator,608-267-9278

For information about AmeriCorps programs across Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board's website,

For questions about this information, contact Stephen Kretzmann (608) 267-9278